I’m as your captain’s assisstant

Yea whatever, I was appointed as that for Wira Mahkota House at my school. Enough said. I’m not pleasant to hear that. But whatever, life continues.


I’m in fever

I’m so sick, yea i am.. Santa help me, save me.. People please, I’m so dead. anybody.. just please~~ save me.. This time, i’ll be good, I promise this time~~

My finished first assessment

Thank god!! I’ve finished my first assessment last week and it was like, Goddest like jubilant!! and yeah, it wasn’t smooth to work through my tests, it least took my time and yea, enough said. I just can’t imagine those time I sat, prayed to get miracles(may God shows me the answer)


I’m on HIATUS, I’ll post as soon as I finished my First assessment:)

I miss my bestfriend!! I miss my Balqisss and Raweee and R***** Jackpotters!! I miss you guys!!

Wish me luck!! and get a worst BEST result!!!DSC08323

Tell me if I’m not stressed out!! I have gone loco!!

Too new

I’m new for this wordpress, but i will learn as time goes by. I don’t know how to work with wordpress, but i will enjoy this yummy yummy site!!